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Once included on your site, 508-view doesn't do anything by default. Instead, it enables when a specific GET parameter is present in the URL. By default the parameter is `508` but you can change it with the `url-parameter` setting.

If you want 508 view enabled regardless of parameters, set the `enable-via-url` setting to false. Test out the 508 view using the button now:

Enable 508 View Disable 508 View

The `use-helper-styles` overrides background colors and fonts. It also highlights links that are focusable. Overall it attempts to present a content focused view that removes visuals to get a better idea of how a screen-reader might interpret your site.

Sometimes visual element will contain an sr-only tag to convey its content. The `display-sr-only` tag makes it visible:

Chubby Kitty Breathing Heavily